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Fill in the Registration Form. Submit the required documents. Read and accept our Seller Agreement.

Step 2 : Become an eCommerce expert

Complete the dedicated training session for new sellers. Request your Vendor’s account to be approved to start selling.

Step 3 : List your Products and start selling!

Learn how to add products by reading through articles on our Knowledge Base. Upload your products to start selling.


Vendors Support

List Your Products

Creating good content as your list your products is the first important step to getting more sales. Good quality images and detailed product description encourage customers to click on your products and buy them.


Grow Your Sales

There are many ways to maximize your sales. Apart from offering products at competitive prices, you can join Isabibuy’s promotions to gain more exposure for your shop.


All About Shipping

We process most of our shipping through Hermes Courier. As a marketplace, our featured vendors have the option of making deliveries via other reputable couriers or delivering your order to you themselves.


Your Payments

There are no costs involved to list your products on Isabibuy. You are not required to pay for anything until your items are sold.


Low Commissions

Commission fees are as low as 3%, and you only pay when you successfully sell your product.



Frequently Asked Questions

  • Getting Started on Isabibuy
  • Product Listing
  • Order Management
  • Commissions and Policies
  • About Payments
  • What does ``selling on Isabibuy mean?``

    On you can create your own shop online and start to sell your products across UK, Africa and the Worldwide thanks to our marketing and logistic expertise.

  • I want to start selling my products on How do i Register?

    To start selling on is very easy. You do not have to pay anything to register. Just visit the website : and fill the form. Once the registration details has been filled. You will need to wait to be approved as a vendor and once you are approved, you will receive an email with the confirmation of the approval of your account and then you can start organizing your shop front and start selling.

  • What are the products I can sell on Isabibuy?

    You can sell products among the following categories: Phones and Tablets, Fashion products, Home and Office, Computing, Cameras, Electronics, Watches, Sunglasses, Baby and kids products, Toys, Health and Beauty, Automobile, Sport and Fitness, Games and Consoles, Service Deals, Books, Movies
    and Music, Weddings, Groceries.

  • What are the products I cannot sell on Isabiby?

    Isabibuy’s reputation is only as good as that of our vendors, consequently, should any listed item breach trust, it poses risks to our entire marketplace. The sale of illegal articles is forbidden (below list is non exhaustive):
    • Currency, valid invoices from any country. Fake money and every product which counterfeit financial instruments.Every financial instrument disapproved by applicable financial controlling authorities
    • Stolen or counterfeit goods
    • Illegal substances and products sold to produce, modify or consume illegal substances. Drugs, medicines, steroids…
    • Any explosive material
    • Flammable material
    • Fireworks, ammunitions and every manual which would explain how to build bombs and explosives
    • Articles considered as being part of the historic patrimony
    • Every article related to hacking
    • Weapons and items related to ammunitions, bullets…
    • Fake IDS, fake birth certificate, driving license… Or any fake document
    • Organs
    • Items related to pedophilia, pornography, naked children…
    • Therapies
    • Every item which contravene to intellectual property

  • What are the information requested to create a shop on Isabibuy?

    To register as a seller, you need to give the following information:
    • Email address
    • Phone number
    • Bank account details
    •  To sell on Isabibuy, You will need a laptop with printer and Internet service

  • What is Isabibuy Seller Dashboard?

    Isabibuy Seller Dashboard is an online platform that allows sellers to manage their products and operations on their e-Commerce shop.

  • How to use Isabibuy Seller Dashboard?

    Our Shop Front platform is user-friendly and you will be able to check our complete guide online on our Knowledge Base.

  • How to list my products and start to sell them?

    To start to sell your products, you can use our Seller Shop front platform. The process will be slightly different depending on whether or not your product already exists on Isabibuy.

    If your product(s) already exist(s) in the Isabibuy catalog:

    You can easily add these products to your catalog one by one via our Seller Center platform. You have to add the name, the price and the quantity of the product. You can as well use a file upload to add many products at once to your catalog. Please note that in order to use these tools you will have to
    know the ISBN, EAN, UPC or RSIN code of the products.

    If your product(s) don’t/doesn’t exist in the Isabibuy catalog:

    You can create new offers one by one or massively with file upload via our Seller Center platform. To create new offers you will need the following information:

    • EAN or UPC.
    • Name of the product.
    • Detailed description of the product and specifications.
    • High quality pictures of the product.
    • Price.
    • Available Stock.

    Find the tutorials about product creation for each category here.

  • What are the methods to upload products?

    There are currently two methods to upload products:

    • Upload your products individually.
    • Upload multiple products at once.

  • What are the information required when uploading the products?

    You will be required to fill in a list of mandatory attributes specific to your product category, design an informative product description and upload attractive pictures for your product. All information and training resources relating to content creation are available on our Knowledge Base.
    Click here to find out more now.

  • How can I improve my sales performance on Isabibuy?

    Isabibuy Knowledge Base provides all the information and articles to enhance the proficiency of our sellers. Visit Knowledge Base today to find out how you can improve your performance.

  • Can the customers give ratings and comments? And why are these important?

    Yes, the customers give detailed comments and ratings. These are very important for your sales on Isabibuy. This is the best way for the customers to know that you are a reliable vendor. The customers look at the ratings of the product before buying it in most cases. The customers will be more willing to buy a product with good ratings. The ratings of your products are one of the most used criteria to evaluate your performance as a vendor on Isabibuy.

  • How to manage my orders?

    You can fulfill your orders directly from the Seller Center platform.  You will find tutorials to guide you through order management here

  • How will I be informed when I have an order?

    Once you receive an order, you will get an email notification via your Isabibuy-registered email. For instant updates on orders. All your orders will appear under “Orders” > “Manage Orders”. Once an order is placed by a customer, it will land under “Pending”.

  • What should I do when I receive an order?

    Once an order is received, you can fulfill your order in few steps:

    • Print the courier manifests and order documents
    • Pick your order and pack it.
    • Update your order status in 24 hours

    Please click here for full order-fulfillment guide on Knowledge Base.

  • Where can I see my orders?

    You will be able to view your order summary in Isabibuy Seller Dashboard’s home page under the Orders tab.

  • How long am I given to respond to an order?

    You will be given 48 hours, excluding Sunday and Public Holidays, to respond to your order before your order is cancelled. Abiding to the 48 hours will increase your seller score and your customer satisfaction.

  • What are the commissions on Isabibuy?

    As a basic vendor, you will only pay the commissions on each item you sell. The commission depends on the category of your item and is a percentage of the selling price. The commissions can be found below.

  • When do I have to pay for commissions and services ?

    Both the commission and the value added services fees will be deducted from your payment.

  • Where can I find Isabibuy’s Terms and Conditions for sellers?

    Sellers Terms and Conditions are to be found on Seller Dashboard.

  • What is Isabibuy's Return Policy with Sellers?

    On Isabibuy, customers are given option to return the product due to the below reasons:

    • Damaged or defective product.
    • Product not as advertised.
    • Wrong product or missing items.

  • How and when do I get paid?

    You can withdraw money through your sellers dashboard account under payment withdraw tab via your specific payment method and then it will go for an approval from admin and once it is approved your payment will be made available in your bank account. You can maintain your payments in your Seller dashboard.

  • How can I check my Payment on Seller Dashboard?

    You can always check your payment statement on your account on Seller Dashboard by clicking on Reports > Account Statement.

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